Philadelphia Family Photographer | Outdoor Session Prep

Are you postponing your session with a Philadelphia family photographer because you’re unsure of how to prepare? I’m sharing some of my best tips and tricks for the smoothest, most enjoyable session.

Pamper yourself and your family prior to your session
Take advantage of my Client Wardrobe
Talk about the session with your child(ren)
Encourage a nap/good nights sleep and snacks
Make sure to bring a few key items
Follow my lead – posing and prompts **the most important one, don’t miss it!

Pamper Yourself and your Family Prior to your Session with a Philadelphia Family Photographer

You and your family should take the time to make yourself feel you best prior to your session. If you need to cut and/or color your hair I recommend doing so one week prior to your session. A fresh haircut and color is nice but it’s even better if it has had some time to settle.

Make sure that everyone is without chipped nail polish, yes even your kiddos. It also helps to make sure they’re without temporary stamps or tattoos. If anyone wants their nails painted that’s fine but go with a muted color as to not distract from your photos.

Take Advantage of the Client Wardrobe

I hear it from many clients that they’re concerned about what to wear or don’t have time to go out shopping for clothes that they’re only going to wear once. It’s why I took the time to put together a collection of beautiful dresses that photograph well. I also have many options for boys and girls all the way up to the age of 6.

Prior to your session I will put together some options, photograph them and send them over to you via email or text. You’re also welcome to come to the studio if you have time in your schedule to see them in person and make a plan.

Utilizing my Client Wardrobe not only takes stress off of you, it also allows you to take the money you would have spent on an outfit you would likely only wear once and put it towards your artwork and/or digital files. Not only that, borrowing something from my Client Wardrobe ensures that you’re going to be in love with your images. I have a very specific light, organic style and I’ve curated the wardrobe with my photography style in mind.

If you choose to borrow something from my wardrobe you will look your best, feel your best, and love your photos in the end! And you can rest assured that I dry-clean everything after each use.

Make Sure to Bring a Few Key Items to your Outdoor Session with a Philadelphia Family Photographer

Wear nude undergarments so you can choose any dress in the Client Wardrobe, if you have a regular and strapless bra, have both ready. It will eliminate you feeling limited in your selections.

For husbands/partners I recommend having a few options on hand so that we’re able to make sure everyone coordinates beautifully. I recommend khakis and any light colored shirt/sweater. The goal is to avoid jewel tones and jeans. If jeans are a must, please choose a lighter wash.

Outdoor sessions with a Philadelphia family photographer, especially in the summer months require bug spray. Please remember to bring bug spray, if you happen to forget I try to make sure I bring some in my camera bag. If bugs are a deal breaker for you, I recommend a beautiful beach session at sunset or sunrise. You can view a full beach gallery here.

Talk About the Session with your Children

Chat with your children about what’s going to happen during the session. I do my best to build trust with your children from the very moment they meet me, but the truth is that I’m still a stranger to them. Telling them who I am, (you can click here or here to learn a little bit about me) and what we’re all going to be doing before we even get to the session gives us the best chance of your children being cooperative. Click here to learn more about the experience so that you’re able to share it with your children as well.

You can tell them that it’s going to be fun and that you’re all going to play while I take some pictures! As a Philadelphia family photographer, I know how it can sometimes be challenging to get children to cooperate. That’s why I’ve incorporated many fun prompts to keep children engaged and happy. I have a few items in the studio that children can play with to keep them engaged that also photograph well. I have prompts like “run around mom and dad as fast as you can!”, “can you count mommy’s eyelashes?”, and many others.

Encourage a Nap, a Good Nights Sleep & Snacks

Never underestimate the power of a nap or good nights rest and many snacks prior to your session. It’s important to make sure you children are as well rested as possible and have full tummies. Please be mindful about the type of snack you’re giving so that cleanup is easy. A chocolate bar may not be the best choice because the cleanup can be tricky, but goldfish are the perfect choice because they clean up easily.

It’s also ok (and encouraged!) to bring a few snack options as a “bribe” but don’t tell them that you have it prior to the session. Hold off on giving these “surprise snacks” until they’re really required. If you tell them you have more snacks prior to the session, it’s all we’ll hear about throughout the session.

Follow My Lead – Posing and Prompts

This is easily one of the most important sections of this post. I love capturing honest, candid, fun moments. The moments that happen in the quiet, happen quickly and are easily forgotten are so important.

I will rarely ask you to look at the camera and smile. It’s important to me to capture quiet, tender moments. The quiet moments leave space for something genuine to occur. Whether that’s a sweet hug between a dad and their child, a kiss to the cheek for mom from her baby, or a surprise burst of laugher. I will never leaving you wondering what to do. However, sometimes I like to sit back and see how you all interact without me prompting you the entire time. The only thing I ask my clients to give to me is their trust. I want to deliver beautiful images and I want you to walk away from the session with an experience!

As for your little loves … Don’t worry so much if they’re not cooperating the way you had hoped. I have many fun ideas up my sleeve to get them engaged if needed. I will never force your children to do anything they don’t want to, and I hope you’ll do the same. If you focus on your children I know you will be pleased with your final images.

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