New Jersey Baby Photographer | Scheduling Your Newborn Session

When should you reach out to your favorite New Jersey Baby Photographer and when to schedule your newborn session after your baby’s birth are two of the most common questions I get asked. When you’re expecting you may feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin. No worries, I’m here to help!

I recommend reaching out to your favorite baby photographer in New Jersey during your first trimester to ensure availability. It may seem early to reach out but I promise it’s not. I’ve received last minute inquiries for newborn portraits and haven’t always been able to accommodate the timing. I never want anybody to miss capturing those precious few weeks; the earlier you reach out the better.

Newborn sessions are best done between 4-14 days following your baby’s birth. This timing ensures that your baby is very sleepy and pliable. There are certain situations where you may not be able to come in between the 4-14 day period of time but that’s ok too! While the 4-14 day timeline is ideal, I’ve photographed baby’s up to the age of 3 weeks and we were able to capture stunning, sleepy images.

Below you’ll see two images. In the first image the baby was within the 4-14 day timeline and in the second the baby was exactly 3 weeks old.

To see the entire gallery from this session, click here.

To see the entire gallery from this session, click here.

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