NYC Maternity Photography | 7 Things to Know About Maternity Sessions

Thinking about the details of booking a NYC Maternity Photography session may not be the top item on your to-do list after finding out you’re pregnant. However, I never want anyone to miss the opportunity to capture this fleeting time in their lives. Here’s a list of common questions and answers to help.

When should I reach out to schedule my session and when does the session take place?

I recommend reaching out to a NYC photographer who specializes in maternity photography in your second trimester to ensure availability. I’ve found that the most ideal time for your session to take place is between 28-36 weeks pregnant. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible but still be showing a significant amount.

Pregnant woman on the beach with the sunset behind her with hands on her bump by NYC Maternity Photography

Where and what time?

Maternity sessions take place Monday through Friday, 1-2 hours prior to sunset or in the studio. I’ve scouted out a few locations that have interesting landscapes and get stunning golden hour light. However, in the winter months I highly recommend a studio session due to the cold weather. The studio is a perfect place to have a maternity session because it gets beautiful light throughout the day!

Are family members included?

Yes, family members are always included in every session. This is such a special time for your family and I like to make sure everyone feels involved and special.

What should I wear?

I have a Client Wardrobe for moms and children that is full of options that are flattering and photograph beautifully. Two weeks before your session you’ll receive an email regarding wardrobe that will help you prep your partner for your session.

Can you refer me to a hair and makeup artist?

Yes! I work with an amazing hair and makeup artist that will reach out to you prior to your session. You guys will chat style preferences and agree upon a time and place for your to get ready.

Do you offer a discount if I book a maternity and newborn session together?

As a photographer specializing in NYC Maternity Photography I love offering a luxury membership option that includes 3 sessions. Booking the membership has many benefits! Firstly, having each session with the same photographer ensures consistency between each session. Secondly, the images from each session will coordinate beautifully when displayed together. Lastly, you develop a bond and trusting relationship with your photographer. Your children get more and more comfortable with the photographer as they see them more often.

It’s a win-win for everybody!

Can I purchase artwork through you?

Yes! I offer custom albums, framed fine art prints, matted prints, and more. All artwork is printed on high quality, acid free paper, that is guaranteed against yellowing and fading.

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