Create Heirloom Memories With Fine Art Photography Prints!

As moms, we tend to have a lot on our plates. We spend our time split between being chauffeurs, personal shoppers, private chefs, nurses, and housekeepers. Because I know from experience how precious free time can be, I provide full-service photo sessions where I’ll help you with everything from styling your family to printing the portraits. I love giving my clients choices so they can decide how they want to show off their finished pictures. If you’ve been considering booking a session, I would love to tell you all about what I offer my clients in fine art photography prints

Find The Style Of Fine Art Photography Prints For Your Home

Gold and wood frame samples sit on a table with albums, album cover swatches and fine art photography prints

Matted Album 

If you’re looking for a way to have all your portraits in one beautiful place, a matted album is the choice for you. With this option, you are able to customize the cover completely so it matches your aesthetic. You can choose to wrap the cover with either linen or velvet. For more personalized options, I suggest having it debossed. Inside, the pages are produced from a 4-ply mat board. The surface is elevated by fibers, which create a high-quality, textured finish.

Five linen albums sitting on a table with one open to fine art photography prints

The portraits themselves will be printed on a semi-matte surface. With this option, you can choose either 4×6 or 5×7 vertical prints. You will also choose whether you want 16 or 20 mats. Your finished album will be roughly 2 inches larger than the image size you’ve selected. This is the perfect option for a coffee table book that you can share with your guests the next time you have them over. 

Fine art photography album with cover swatches

Print Albums

Fine art photography albums take everything you love about the matted albums and bring it to the next level. The albums are handcrafted, so every detail can be completed with your preferences in mind. The portraits are printed on semi-matte, archival-quality paper, which leads to thick, flush-mount pages that are destined to last for years to come. The cover can be printed in linen, leather, or velvet, and you will have your choice of colors. If you decide to add debossing, you will have standard, studio, or custom options. Because of the thicker pages, the book can easily be propped up and displayed on a stand or a table. 

Stack of 4 linen albums with fine art photography prints

With the fine art albums, you’re able to add on a mini album made with the leftover materials from the larger album. While you can tuck this copy away for safekeeping, it makes a fabulous gift for parents or grandparents. With the larger albums, you can choose between a 10×10 book with a 6”x6” mini album, an 8×10 book with a 5”x6.25” mini album, or a 9×12 book with a 5.25’x7” mini album. All options can be either horizontal or vertical. 

Newborn baby heirloom artwork in a wood frame hanging on a wall

Framed Fine Art Prints 

If you just can’t wait to display your portraits, you’ll love the framed fine art prints. With this option, your portraits will be printed on acid-free cotton paper created to maintain their brilliance for years. Rather than glass, your picture will be protected by a glare-free acrylic front. On top of being completely resistant to shattering, the acrylic protects your pictures by blocking 99% of UV rays.

Heirloom artwork in a wood frame on a wall

There are 6 frame corners you can select, and all come in nearly every size. If you choose to mat your portraits, you will have the option of 2”, 3”, or 4” matting. You can also decide between either a standard print or a deckled print. With the deckled option, the edges are torn by hand to give it a unique look. While you can place this in front of a mat, it looks particularly lovely floated in a frame. 

family photos in a mat gold frame hanging on a white wall

The framed fine art prints are the ideal option if you’re creating a gallery wall, but they’re also exceptional for statement pieces. Larger frames can be placed side-by-side and hung over a headboard or along the hallway. 

Display of family fine art photography prints on a wall

Pick The Style Of Fine Art Photography Prints That Best Fit Your Style

If you need any additional help trying to decide how you’d like to display your fine art photography prints, then let’s chat! Your portraits are an investment, and I want to make sure you can enjoy them for years to come. Don’t have your session booked yet? Reach out today to get on my calendar!

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