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Pregnancy can be a time full of uncertainty. Not only do you find yourself getting concerned over every little symptom, but it can be impossible to sort through all the information needed to create a birth plan. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the rapid changes happening in your life. If you’re getting anxious, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to hire an expert who will be there to provide gentle guidance. At Holistic Beginnings, you’ll have compassionate care to help you sift through everything so you can go through your pregnancy and delivery with confidence! 

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About Holistic Beginnings

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Holistic Beginnings is a one-woman operation started by Laura Depasquale, an expert with over 30 years of experience. Laura knew she wanted to assist women after she had her first baby. In 1991, she earned certification as a Childbirth Educator, and in 2005, she became certified in Lamaze. 

Over the years, she’s also become a DONA-certified birth doula. She’s been present for over 1,000 births, has personally taught even more couples, and has certified hundreds of doulas. To say she knows what she’s doing is a major understatement! 

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Laura’s one-on-one assistance has guided countless parents throughout their pregnancy and delivery. When you choose to hire her as a birth doula, you’ll have 1-2 prenatal appointments where you can review your birth plan and set your expectations for delivery. If you’re unsure about anything, you can schedule a phone consultation so she can provide steady reassurance. 

She’ll be by your side at your birthplace and empower you to see your plan through. You’ll have a postpartum visit around one week after your birth. Laura offers her service as a postpartum doula and will provide unconditional support as you adapt to life with a newborn. She’s also a certified lactation counselor and will assist you with breastfeeding. 

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At Holistic Beginnings, you can enroll in childbirth courses that will leave you fully prepared for delivery. The course topics include health and nutrition throughout pregnancy, the stages of labor, natural pain coping methods, creating a birth plan, options in labor, and caring for a newborn. These courses can be completed with your partner, and they’ll be coached on how to be an effective support person. 

On top of group courses and private sessions, Laura provides virtual breastfeeding courses that prepare you for the initial feedings.

Thank You For Stopping By And Checking Out Holistic Beginnings

With Laura at Holistic Beginnings, you’ll have assistance to get through pregnancy confidently. Give her a call today so you can have a happier pregnancy! 

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