Lactation Central Offers Moms Compassionate Breastfeeding Help!

Sometimes, breastfeeding just doesn’t click. It’s a frustrating experience when something that’s supposed to come naturally is a struggle. While it can be upsetting, there are resources to help you out so you can feed your baby in a way that’s best for you. If you’ve been having difficulty nursing your little one, it’s time to turn to the professionals! At Lactation Central, you’ll be paired with an expert who will provide compassionate care for all your nursing needs. 

About Lactation Central

Lactation Central is a space that understands all the stresses that can go along with nursing your baby. The center was started by Chaya Lighten and Marninah Hersh to provide mothers with a space where they could get all the assistance they needed. The two women are passionate about what they do. They’re fierce advocates whether they’re fighting to put nursing rooms in businesses or working with women to get pumps from their insurance. They’ve built up a team of experts at Lactation Central, including lactation consultants and doulas. When you come to the center for help, you match with an expert who provides unparalleled service for your family’s needs. 

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At Lactation Central, they know preparation is the best chance at success for breastfeeding. Throughout your pregnancy, they’ll work with you to answer any questions and ensure you feel ready for your baby’s arrival. You can schedule a visit where you can bring up concerns and get advice for when your baby makes their grand debut. 

Once your baby arrives, the center goes to work, ensuring you have all the help you need. You can schedule a session to share any issues and get answers. They also observe a feeding and tell you what might need to be corrected. Their services are within most major insurance networks. The consultants provide collaborative care and will work with OBs and pediatricians to give you the best assistance. 

Once your baby is ready to start on solids, you can work with your team to know the best way to proceed. They provide a personalized one-hour class where you will get help with weaning as well as transitioning your baby to solid foods. 

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Lactation Central provides doula services so you can have the delivery that’s best for you. Before your delivery, you will have prenatal sessions with your doula so you can create a birth plan. Throughout labor, your doula will be by your side. They offer gentle coaching while making sure your birth plan goes through as much as possible. Following delivery, they’ll work with you to make sure you’re recovering and adjusting to this new stage in life. Their expert guidance will ensure you can have the birth experience you’ve always wanted!

Lactation Central

There’s no shame in seeking help for breastfeeding. At Lactation Central, you’ll be paired with an expert who will offer you compassionate care so you can feed your baby in the way that works best for your family! 

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