Let Mommy Sleep: A Solution for Sleep-Deprived Parents

When you have a baby in the house, you likely won’t get a lot of sleep. Between the frequent wakeups and the marathon nursing sessions, you are constantly on demand. While sleep deprivation might be part of the job, it can affect your parenting skills and increase your risk of developing a postpartum mood disorder. If you could really use a good night’s sleep, I would love to tell you all about the team behind Let Mommy Sleep. These experts are here to make sure you can get the rest you need, even after their services are over. 

About Let Mommy Sleep

Let Mommy Sleep is an agency that was started by a sleep-deprived mom back in 2009. Shortly after Denise Stern had twins, she found herself without much of a support system. Her husband had no paternity leave, and she was dealing with birth complications as well as a one-year-old toddler. She decided to start up a company that would give parents the postpartum care they so desperately needed. While the team started in Washington, DC, they now have locations across the country. They have also launched a group called Mission: Sleep to provide free overnight care to first responders and military members. They’re working hard to make sure every parent has the care they need! 

A happy mother in a white floral print dress sits on a bed holding her sleeping newborn baby in her hands thanks to let mommy sleep


Let Mommy Sleep provides parents with overnight care throughout their baby’s first year. You will be able to book either a Registered Nurse or a Night Nanny. Your helper will come and take over for you during the next 9 hours. In the beginning, they will establish whether you’d like to be woken up to nurse your baby. If you would, they will gently rouse you once your baby is hungry. If not, they can take care of bottles and sanitize them afterward. They can also soothe your baby, burp them, handle diaper changes, and leave you alone so you can get the rest you need. If you would like, they can also start your baby out on sleep training so you can get rest long after they’re gone. 

A happy new mother sits on a bed playing with her newborn baby in blue overalls


In addition to providing you with care, Let Mommy Sleep has classes that will get you ready for every aspect of parenthood. During these classes, you will learn about how to swaddle your baby, diaper them, bathe them, and provide comprehensive infant care. You can take these classes both in-person and virtually. They also allow grandparents to attend with you. If you would just like some help with sleep training, they have that option as well. 

A newborn baby sleeps in mom's hands as she sits on a bed in a white dress thanks to let mommy sleep

Take Back Your Rest Time With Let Mommy Sleep

With Let Mommy Sleep, you can have top-tier help to get you through the more exhaustive parts of parenthood. Check them out today so you can get some rest! 

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