Bring Out Your Child’s Inner-Adventurer with Tinkergarten NJ

Nature is one of the best places your child can be. It gets them out in the fresh air while allowing them to explore the world surrounding them. The only problem is that being intentional about getting your child outdoors is often difficult, especially when you live in the city. If you’re looking for a great way to bring out your child’s inner adventurer, I would love to tell you all about Tinkergarten in NJ. This outdoor school has been taking the country by storm by reconnecting kids with the great outdoors. 

A young boy in a white onesie plays with wooden toys on a bed in a studio after visiting tinkergarten nj

About Tinkergarten in NJ

Various locations throughout the state

Families who wanted to find a way to swap screen time with outdoor time started Tinkergarten. The school was started as an option so parents could make the most out of their children’s early learning years. Today, there are over 5,093 trained leaders throughout all 50 states. Every last teacher creates an inclusive space where children can learn through playing. 

The school offers classes that use a curriculum thoughtfully created to put nature at the center. They work hard to ensure every family has access to a diverse community where children can have equitable access to a fantastic education. 

A young boy sits with mom on a bed playing with wooden toys


To get started with a local Tinkergarten class, you’ll first find a leader in your area. You can simply search by your zip code and instantly receive access to the portfolios of leaders in your area. From there, you’ll look through their offerings and find the perfect class for your family. Every leader has created their own class schedule with courses for various ages. 

Typically, these classes are designed for children ages 18 months-8 years, and a maximum number of students is allowed so each child can receive the attention they need. You’ll be there to support your child’s development by leading them through each activity. Together, you’ll go through child-led lessons that help your student learn more about science.

A toddler boy stands in a studio leaning on a woven seat after visiting tinkergarten nj


The school offers at-home programs you can try with your child, regardless of your schedule. Tinkergarten has created weekly video lessons designed for kids 1.5-8. Purchasing the classes gives you access to engaging weekly videos and printables that let you chart your child’s development. 

And if you’re not quite ready to commit, check out their free DIY outdoor activities on their website. These activities were created to incorporate purposeful outdoor play into your family’s schedule. 

Get Some Fresh Air And Have Fun With Tinkergarten NJ

With Tinkergarten in NJ, you’ll have the perfect way to get your child outside! Check out this innovative school today to find the best course for your family. 

If you’re looking for another way to make the most out of these years, I would love to connect! I’m a New Jersey photographer as well as a mom myself. I know from experience how quickly the early years fly by, and I want to give you a chance to remember every second. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, let’s chat so you can decide if my style works for you. Contact me today to start the conversation!

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