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There’s a good chance you know what you want your delivery to look like before you even find out you’re pregnant. We all have our own styles and preferences, and it’s important to have access to make the right choices for us. Unfortunately, pregnancy can get a little more complicated than we’d like. While a lot of women might want a natural birth aided by midwives, high-risk pregnancy can make it feel more like a medical emergency. If you’re experiencing a pregnancy that could use extra supervision but still want control over your delivery, I would love to tell you about Maternal Resources in Hackensack, NJ. This one-of-a-kind practice is here to give you the birth experience that’s right for you! 

About Maternal Resources in Hackensack, NJ

348 Beech Street

Hackensack, New Jersey 07601

Maternal Resources is a New Jersey practice that provides prenatal care for women experiencing complicated pregnancies. The center offers skilled OB-GYNs, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, midwives, and doulas. Their goal is to help you have a safe birth experience with as few medical interventions as possible. 

The office is committed to getting rid of the unnecessary cesarean deliveries that are so prominent in the birthing industry. As a result, they have lower cesarean delivery rates by nearly 10%. The practice performs all deliveries out of the Hackensack Medical Center.

A happy mother sits on the front porch steps playing and laughing with her three toddlers and newborn baby after getting help from maternal resources hackensack nj


Maternal Resources offers prenatal care from the earliest weeks of pregnancy. Your provider will provide you with any necessary blood tests, a pelvic exam, and an ultrasound so you can figure out your due date. From there, you’ll have regular appointments while creating your birth plan. If you choose, you can use a midwife for low-risk pregnancies. If you’re dealing with a high-risk pregnancy, you can work with their obstetricians. The office uses an integrative approach that centers on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and physical health. 

The center will work with women who want a VBAC and will teach you all about mitigating the risks of complications. At the same time, they want both you and your baby to remain as healthy as possible. They’ll never put you in any danger in the name of trying to prevent medical interventions. Their goal is to be your advocate and ensure you have the best care for you. 

A young girl leans onto her mom in a garden and plays with the toes of her newborn baby sister


One of the best parts about the office is how well they care for your emotions throughout pregnancy. The center has four expert doulas to ensure you have the mental support you need. Your doula will answer non-medical questions, advocate for you throughout your labor, and empower you to see your birth plan through. 

A happy mother sits on the porch steps with her three toddler children and newborn baby in her lap with help from maternal resources hackensack nj

Maternal Resources Hackensack, NJ

At Maternal Resources in Hackensack, NJ, you’ll have a birth expert who will ensure you have prenatal care that’s right for you. Check them out today for personalized assistance. 

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