Holistic OBGYN NJ: Birth Experiences That Are Right for You

Every person deserves the opportunity to have the birth experience that’s right for them. When you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, it can feel like you’re losing control over your journey to motherhood. Between all the appointments, testing, and consultations, it’s easy to get lost in the system and feel like you’re just another patient. At Holistic OBGYN in NJ, you can keep the access to high-quality medical care while still having a provider who will prioritize your voice. If you’re on the search for prenatal specialists, I would love to tell you why this might be the office for you! 

About Holistic OBGYN in NJ

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Holistic OBGYN and Midwifery is a NJ practice that’s available to all pregnant women regardless of their risk level. The center is concerned with treating the whole patient. While you’ll receive exceptional medical care, your provider will also be building a relationship with you and checking in on your emotional well-being. The center is primarily run by certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners, but they also work closely with obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists for women who are high-risk. For deliveries, they operate out of two New Jersey birthing centers: one in Morristown and another in Guttenberg. They’ll make sure you have a birth experience that will keep you and your baby completely safe. 

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At Holistic OBGYN, you can work with a NJ midwife throughout your entire pregnancy. She’ll meet with you throughout every appointment and ensure you have the knowledge you need for the birth experience you want. She’ll advise you on your diet and exercise style so you and your baby can be in optimal health. As your due date nears, you can work with your midwife to create a custom birth plan, and once labor starts, your midwife will help you see your plan through. 

For women with higher-risk pregnancies, your midwife will schedule all the appointments and can provide the necessary screenings. You’ll meet with the maternal-fetal medicine specialists for medical care. While working with a midwife decreases your chance of a cesarean, the birth centers do offer gentle c-sections to try to keep the experience as natural as you’d like. 

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On top of offering expert prenatal care in NJ, the certified nurse midwives at Holistic OBGYN can provide gynecological care. You can meet with them for your routine exams, pap smears, fertility counseling, treatment for common women’s health issues, including polycystic ovary syndrome, and menopause management.

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Holistic OBGYN NJ

At Holistic OBGYN in NJ, you can have compassionate help no matter what your pregnancy looks like. Check them out today so you can have prenatal care that understands you! 

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