Find the Best Care for Your Children With Nannease in New Jersey!

Your child is the most important person in your world. That’s why the search for a nanny is so darn stressful! Not only do you want to find a trustworthy person who will show up every day on time, but you also want to ensure they’re a perfect match for your little one. Luckily, some agencies specialize in pairing families with their ideal candidates. If you’re currently looking for a nanny for your child, I’d love to tell you about Nannease! This New Jersey organization has built its entire reputation on helping families find the right nanny. 

About Nannease

Nannease was founded in 2015 for one purpose: to give parents peace of mind in their search for a nanny. Megan Wolff, a mother and a former nanny, founded the agency. Megan has dedicated her life to understanding what parents want in a caregiver. 

On top of her personal experience, she is working toward a Master’s in Adolescent Therapy through Rutger University. The placement team behind Nannease has experience in childcare and strives to create a positive environment that will let families and nannies thrive. 

A mother sits on a bed playing with her toddler son nannease


Nannease focuses entirely on long-term nanny placements. They start by finding the best candidates in New Jersey. All the nannies face a thorough screening that includes background checks, multiple interviews, and reference checks. This way, they can be confident that all their employees will be safe for your child. 

Their placement process is personalized. They begin by getting to know you and your family’s unique needs. Then, they’ll find candidates to send your way. While you’ll conduct all the interviews, they make it as simple as possible. They’ll coordinate schedules and give you some ideas on what to ask. When you find your ideal candidate, they’ll help you draft a work and confidentiality agreement so your new nanny can start as soon as possible! 

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One of the best parts about Nannease is its continued commitment to ensuring your placement is going well. They provide a replacement guarantee at no additional cost. If your nanny isn’t working, just say the word, and they’ll find you someone new! After the placement, they’ll regularly check on your family to ensure you’re still satisfied. And they continue to provide informative classes and safety training to your nanny to give your family unparalleled help. 

A mother sits on the edge of a bed while playing in some window curtains with her toddler son nannease


With Nannease, finding a nanny is a simple process! With their innovative placement process and commitment to excellence, you can rest easy knowing your child is receiving exceptional care! 

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