Pediatric Sleep Specialists NJ to Help Your Little One Get Rest!

When you’re a parent, you have to put up with a lot of jokes about how little sleep you’re getting. It’s amazing how quickly these jokes lost all their humor. We all need sleep, regardless of whether we have little rockstars who come alive as the evening goes on. Those sleepless nights can really compound, and it’s helpful to no one. If you’ve been having issues with your child resisting bedtime regardless of how many methods you try, it might be time to bring in the professionals. With any of these pediatric sleep specialists in NJ, your household will be catching zzzzzs again in no time. 

Regain Your Sleep With These Pediatric Sleep Specialists In NJ

A mother in jeans lays across a bed with her newborn baby sleeping on her arm

Sleepy Mama

Nicole Cannon founded Sleepy Mama to get families the sleep they so desperately need. Nicole is a mother herself and knows what it’s like with sleepless babes. Since starting the company, she’s become nationally recognized. When you use her services, you’ll be set up with a complimentary 15-minute call where you can discuss your issues and find the package that’s right for you. Nicole works both in-person and virtually. From interrupted sleep to different regressions, she handles it all!

Gift of Sleep Consulting

Gift of Sleep Consulting was founded by Jenn Schindele to help parents establish healthy sleep habits for their babies. Jenn provides packages for infants, toddlers, and twins. She’ll start with an evaluation followed by a consultation where she’ll give you unrivaled advice. After the creation of her plan, she’ll continue to guide you. You’ll get support for several weeks so she can make sure you’re set up for success. Jenn is a top sleep consultant and will use her expertise to get your family well-rested once again. 

A new mom lays on a bed over her sleeping newborn baby in a white onesie pediatric sleep specialist nj

Good Night Sleep Site

Good Night Sleep Site started after Jennifer Gilman experienced the maddening sleep deprivation from her firstborn. During this time, Jennifer made every mistake so that you wouldn’t have to. She uses her own experiences to give families solid advice so they can snap out of bad sleeping habits. Additionally, she works sleep programs for every age. She offers a 15-minute call as well as several packages so you can find the selection that’s right for you. She also provides support so you can get through the more difficult phases of getting your child to sleep.  

Rosie Hawley

Rosie Hawley is a senior pediatric sleep consultant who specializes in teaching kids how to sleep independently. She knows firsthand how sleeplessness can affect a family and uses her career to correct this. Rosie offers help for every age into adulthood as well as for special needs clients. She serves families locally around Hoboken, New Jersey but will take on virtual clients anywhere. She uses gentle approaches to teach your baby fantastic sleep habits. 

A new mother sits on the edge of a bed with her sleeping newborn in her arms pediatric sleep specialist nj

Pediatric Sleep Specialists NJ

Don’t let sleeplessness drive you crazy! With these life-changing pediatric sleep specialists in NJ, a good night of solid sleep is just around the corner! 

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