Get Personalized Support from A Postpartum Doula in NJ

The postpartum stage can be absolutely exhausting. Not only are you dealing with recovery from delivering a human mere weeks ago, but you’re having to figure out your baby’s cues while dealing with almost no sleep. You need rest, help, and, most importantly, encouragement. This is exactly why postpartum doulas are there. You can find a compassionate expert to give you a hand while lending you unconditional support. Here are the best places to find a postpartum doula in NJ

Get Support & Encouragement from a Postpartum Doula in NJ

North Jersey Postpartum Doula

Kelley Nazarian is the face behind North Jersey Postpartum Doula and is here to offer personalized postpartum care. As a mom herself, she knows how wildly different birth can look for families, and she wants to make sure you can receive the care that’s right for you. She offers both virtual and in-person services. You can have assistance starting in the hospital. 

The Midwives Of New Jersey

125 U.S. 46 Suite 3, Budd Lake 07828

The Midwives of New Jersey offer a service that provides in-home care for moms. By booking one of their knowledgeable doulas, you’ll have someone to help you with basic baby care and breastfeeding support. They can also offer help with housework, errands, meal prep, and toddler care. 

A father looks down at his newborn baby in his arm with mom looking over

The Nesting Place

115 Pine Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450

The Nesting Place will work with you on all parts of early parenthood so you can confidently face this stage! They offer a matching system to find you the perfect postpartum doula. You’ll have evidence-based guidance on everything, including infant feeding, bonding, soothing, newborn care, and recovery from birth.

Joanna Taylor

Joanna Taylor is a postpartum daytime doula who serves Montclair and Northern New Jersey. She’s ready to help you thrive through her customized assistance. You can receive newborn care, such as guidance for breastfeeding, bonding, soothing, bathing, and baby-wearing. She’ll give you help with personal self-care and nutrition. She can also provide assistance around the house. 

A mom and dad sit on the edge of a bed cradling their sleeping newborn baby in white shirts and jeans after meeting a postpartum doula nj

Whole Mother Village

Whole Mother Village is a doula agency with various packages that let you decide what services your family needs. Their goal is to work with you to help you understand your baby. You’ll figure out how to navigate every cry and eliminate self-doubt. They’ll also work with you to instill good sleep habits so you can get the rest you need. 

Happy Family After

Happy Family After offers both postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists to provide you with as much support as needed. They’ll assist without judgment so you can make the right choices for your family. You can receive daytime help or overnight services that give you a full night’s sleep. 

A mother in a white sweater lays on a bed over her sleeping newborn baby on her arm after meeting with a postpartum doula nj

Postpartum Doula NJ

With the right expert, you’ll have all the assistance you need through the tricky newborn stage. Check out these postpartum doulas in NJ today so you can have exceptional help! 

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