Feel Empowered In Pregnancy With The Nesting Place NJ

When you’re pregnant, your mind is constantly in motion. If you’re not busy thinking about baby gear or planning the nursery, you’re anticipating labor. How will you know it’s time? Will you be able to have the labor you want? One of the best ways to ease your mind is to have a professional who will provide you with advice and support. At The Nesting Place in NJ, you’ll have constant guidance to empower you throughout pregnancy and delivery. 

About The Nesting Place in NJ

The Nesting Place is a New Jersey business founded by Alison Herman, a clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience in family therapy. The center specializes in helping women through every part of their pregnancy. Alison and her team have created an inviting and inclusive atmosphere where you can go to attend classes and workshops to feel prepared for labor. On top of their teachers, the center has birth and postpartum doulas to equip you for this season. Their goal is to give you a community that will encourage your family. You can visit The Nesting Place at 115 Pine Street in Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

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One of the biggest appeals of The Nesting Place is their crew of NJ doulas. As you prepare for labor, your doula will work with you to create a birth plan that suits you perfectly. Their goal is to prepare you for the labor that’s right for you. Following labor, you can choose to use a postpartum doula to guide you through the transition to life with a newborn. Whether you want help with basic infant care or need some emotional support, your doula will be there for you! 

The center provides tons of additional services to pregnant and postpartum parents. They offer placenta encapsulation, lactation consultations, and infant sleep consultations. For families facing infertility or loss, The Nesting Place provides sympathetic professionals who will let you feel heard. 

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The Nesting Place in NJ offers informative classes and workshops. You can choose to take an intensive or a basic childbirth class that will teach you about various methods for delivery. If you’ve been considering using a birthing tub, you can enroll in their hypnobirthing course to learn all about the benefits as well as how to listen to your body throughout this method. Their breastfeeding and newborn care classes will help you if you’re feeling overwhelmed about the postpartum period. You can also sign up for safety classes, including CPR and First Aid. The center hosts some virtual options, but their in-person courses are the perfect opportunity to find a community that will last long after your baby is born! 

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The Nesting Place NJ

Pregnancy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. At The Nesting Place in NJ, you can work with professionals to make sure you have all the answers you need! 

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