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Parenthood tends to be isolating. Yes, you’re adding a new person to your life, but honestly? They tend to be a diva. Babies thrive on routine, and all your plans fall to the side to cater to them. While everyone says it takes a village, they don’t really tell you how to build it. Whole Mother Village was created for this very reason. This innovative center helps parents connect with one another to have a community for this new season.  

A newborn baby rests on mom's shoulder as she stands in a studio

About Whole Mother Village

Whole Mother Village is a group of professionals who have come together to provide care for parents. Their goal is to create a safe and empowering space for women. Rather than focus solely on your child, they offer holistic care for parents. Through their new mom groups, they provide formal help, such as labor and postpartum doulas, and casual community. 

They want to ensure you have a space where you can be honest about the struggles of motherhood and receive unrelenting support. While they provide plenty of virtual communities, they also have in-person groups. You can check them out at 253 Main Street in West Orange. 

A father looks down at his sleeping newborn baby in his arms as mom rests a hand on the baby whole mother village


You can start your time with Whole Mother Village from the first few weeks of pregnancy. The center provides exercise classes such as prenatal yoga. You’ll be able to join groups with other expecting moms. You can also sign up for their informative childbirth classes to learn about the different styles of birth and feel prepared for absolutely anything! The center provides birth doulas who will act as emotional support throughout your entire labor. Once a month, the center offers free gatherings where you can have some tea, meet the doulas, and see if there’s one that’s right for you. 

Whole Mother Village offers you the chance to decide on your own level of commitment. If you only intend to visit them once in a blue moon, you can select their “drop-in” options. Want to attend several classes? Try out their “class pack!” And if you decide you absolutely love them, you can get a membership so you can have unlimited access. 

A new mother sits on the edge of a bed with her newborn baby in her arms whole mother village


Once you have your baby, Whole Mother Village continues to support you. They offer lactation consultations, belly binding, and placenta encapsulation. Their postpartum doulas will provide emotional support, teach you basic infant care, help with siblings, and even do some household chores! The center also provides new mom classes and groups to connect with fellow parents who understand what you’re going through. 

Whole Mother Village

One of the best things you can do for yourself during early motherhood is to build up a community. With Whole Mother Village, you can find both parents and professionals to make this stage a little easier. 

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