Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine for High-Risk Pregnancies

While pregnancy is often an exciting time, it’s not without stress for some. High-risk pregnancies and complications can transform this season into nine months of continual dread. Thankfully, with the right professionals, you can navigate the anxiety and have the assistance you need. If you’re facing a high-risk pregnancy and searching for a place filled with experts who will treat you compassionately, I would love to tell you all about Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine. This center has all the tools you need for you and your baby. 

About Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine

Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine is an extension of the Atlantic Health System. For over 25 years, Atlantic Health Care has broken down barriers to provide innovative healthcare for all New Jersey residents. The system is non-profit, prioritizing affordable healthcare for everyone who needs it. In recent years, the system has built up its prenatal care department. 

Their center offers compassionate, state-of-the-art care to patients currently facing difficult pregnancies. The center is located in a stand-alone building near the hospital, making navigating from appointment to appointment easy.  

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The Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine center has six different MDs devoted to assisting high-risk pregnancies. Here, you can receive care for anything from gestational diabetes to chronic health conditions. The center can begin care before you even become pregnant. If you have a condition that may interfere with pregnancy, they’ll provide you with counseling and explain what you can expect. 

Throughout each trimester, they’ll provide necessary sonograms and frequent monitoring. They can provide genetic testing as well as chorionic villus sampling. The sonographers are certified through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. The doctors treat every patient with respect and kindness as they assist them with treatment for complex fetal abnormalities. By entering into care through Morristown, you can be sure you are doing what you need for your pregnancy. 

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While Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine specializes in high-risk management, they assist with every pregnancy. You can receive routine visits, ultrasounds, and testing, all within the convenient center. 

You’ll have access to the NICU following delivery when you receive care through Morristown. The NICU at the hospital is a Level III center with cutting-edge technology to assist your little one. Their neonatologists are some of the absolute best and will provide your family with the utmost care. 

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Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine

Every doctor’s appointment can feel nerve-wracking when facing chronic conditions or a high-risk pregnancy. With Morristown Maternal Fetal Medicine, you’ll have the best providers offering you unparalleled care so you can feel confident you have the answers you need. 

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