3 NJ Birth Center Facilities Focused on Natural Approaches

A NJ birth center provides families an alternative to hospital births in a holistic environment. Many expecting mothers are drawn to the low interventions and no-drug approach to labor and delivery. Birthing centers focus on natural pain management and relaxed birthing environments. 

3 NJ Birth Center Facilities Providing Stellar Care & Support Through Labor & Delivery

Our Birthing Center

The premiere freestanding birth center in NJ is Our Birthing Center. Their spaces were created to imitate a luxury hotel room to provide a spa-like experience. The goal is to have a calm and peaceful environment for birthing. They offer hydrotherapy and water birth experiences for all mothers. If you choose to utilize the center, you receive complimentary childbirth classes. 

The center is an open birthing center, meaning you will continue to see your primary care provider for prenatal care. When it is time for delivery, your provider will meet you at their center, and together, their staff will support you through labor and delivery. They are an In-Network provider and accept many insurance companies. 

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Birth Center NJ

Birth Center NJ supports mothers through prenatal to postpartum care through a comfortable and natural birthing experience. They are a full-care center through the nurturing care of their staff. The Medical Director is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. Her team includes certified nurse midwives and doulas to educate and support women in their journey into motherhood. 

The center has birthing suites for you to utilize during labor and delivery. You can also choose a water birth at their facility. Once your baby is born, their staff will conduct a newborn exam and provide you with postpartum care up to 6 weeks after birth. As a wellness collective, they collaborate with providers to offer care for women in the community from puberty to menopause.

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Mary V. O’Shea

Women with low-risk pregnancies can deliver at the Mary V. O’Shea Birth Center in NJ. Their staff of midwives will support mothers through labor and delivery in their private birthing suites. The midwives offer women a drug-free pain management experience. Women can choose hydrotherapy to help relax their bodies during labor, along with aromatherapy and nerve stimulation. 

The staff strives to empower women to make informed and educational decisions regarding their own healthcare. For women to give birth at this center, an expecting mother must complete two in-person classes before their 36th week of pregnancy. The birth center is the first in NJ to be on the same grounds as a hospital, Saint Peter’s Hospital.

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NJ Birth Center

More women are choosing to labor at NJ birth centers because of their holistic and natural approach to birthing experiences. Many locations now provide birthing tubs to allow moms to labor comfortably in warm water and deliver their babies in water if they wish. 

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