NJ Lactation Consultant Agencies for Breastfeeding Support

While building your team of support for your newborn, you should check out a NJ lactation consultant. Breastfeeding should be a rewarding time for you and your baby to bond, but it isn’t always easy. With the support of lactation consultants, you can create a positive environment for nursing or pumping for your babies. 

9 NJ Lactation Consultant Agencies Finding the Help You Need for Breastfeeding

Milkwell Lactation

Milkwell Lactation only provides in-office appointments at their new office located inside Arch Wellness. Their small team of lactation consultants in Bloomfield, NJ can support you in your breastfeeding journey. You can choose from group class settings or individual private consultations.

The Lactation Place

The Lactation Place comprises a team of dedicated women lactation consultants providing evidence-based educational practices. Visit their office in Hoboken, NJ, or request an in-home visit with a lactation consultant. 

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Mothers Milk Lactation Consultant NJ

Catherin Belongoff is the primary location consultant offering Telehealth and in-person visits at her office in Montclair, NJ. At Mothers Milk NJ, she supports mothers in their journey with evidence-based information and over 15 years of expertise.

Laid Back Lactation

Laid Back Lactation’s mission is to provide parents with evidence-based information and support while nursing babies. The lactation consultant, Elizabeth Devaney, provides compassionate care for all her clients.

Lactation Central

Lactation Central in NJ has consultants supporting you with feeding your newborn to transitioning from breastmilk. They also offer birthing doula services and pump rentals. They are in-network with a few insurance companies listed on their site. 

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Hey Mama Lactation and Perinatal Care LLC

The team of lactation consultants at Hey Mama Lactation and Perinatal Care LLC in NJ wants to support all women in their nursing journeys. They understand that breastfeeding can be frustrating and want to support you to make it enjoyable and rewarding. They provide in-home services for some locations in the area, along with virtual services that are available.

Tinok Lactation Consultant in NJ

Michal (Olga) Vinnik is the primary consultant and founder of Tinok Lactation in NJ. She offers prenatal consultations and postpartum support through in-home visits, Telehealth, or in-office services. She is a part of the Lactation Network, meaning you may be able to request reimbursement for services from your insurance agency. 

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Little Bean Lactation

Little Bean Lactation offers lactation therapy and educational classes. They will provide you with a detailed bill after every visit for possible reimbursement from your insurance company. Their team provides services in the office, in your home, or virtually around NJ.

LifeTree Lactation Services

Nikole Keller is a lactation consultant supporting moms in the comfort of their own NJ home. She provides breastfeeding education classes and customized support. LifeTree Lactation Services is a part of the Lactation Network, and some services may be covered through insurance.

NJ Lactation Consultant

These wonderful options for an NJ lactation consultant will make a great support system for your parenting journey. 

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