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As a woman, medical care can often feel…well…intimate. With the joy of being able to create human life comes a lot of extra preventative care. This ensures we stay healthy and feel our best. That’s why it’s so important to find a practice you trust with your health. Even the awkward and personal aspects. When it comes to finding the right OB/GYN to partner with for your health, be sure to pick a practice that aligns with your personal views and philosophies. Women’s Health Care Group Teaneck is dedicated to helping every woman feel comfortable taking control of their health, empowering them to seek preventative care and commit to their wellness journey. 

About Women’s Health Care Group Teaneck

The Women’s Health Care Group (WHCG) came together to provide women of all ages in Teaneck an exceptional health experience. Their highly trained and certified physicians and team members all dedicate themselves to caring for patients with professionalism and compassion. They work hard to ensure every patient leaves satisfied with the level of care they receive. Additionally, they take pride in every patient referral.

A mother in a red dress holds the hands of her toddleer son as he tries to walk through a grassy field lined with trees Women's Health Care Group Teaneck


As a practice dedicated to the health and wellness of women, Women’s Health Care Group Teaneck offers a wide variety of gynecological services. Gynecology is the medical specialty dedicated to women’s lifelong health. A gynecologist can help women with issues from irregular menstrual cycles to bladder control and other sensitive issues. WHCG helps women prevent illness and promote health and wellness with important services. These include cancer screenings, family planning, and menopause management. Your doctor will listen to any of your healthcare concerns. Then they use their expertise to advise you on state-of-the-art treatments that can help. 

A mother in a red dress helps her young daughter blow a dandelion in a grassy field Women's Health Care Group Teaneck

WHCG’s obstetrics team will care for you throughout pregnancy and childbirth, should your journey take you to motherhood! Whether you are experiencing a low-risk or high-risk pregnancy, their specialists help you navigate any challenges. Like diabetes, hypertension, and pregnancy over the age of 35. You will receive individualized care, including plenty of education and information that can help you prepare for a positive and individualized birth experience. From ultrasounds and lab work to emotional support and patience, you and your baby will be well cared for by the WHCG obstetrics team. 

In addition to their standard preventative and specialty OB/GYN care, WHCG also offers services like infertility management, gynecologic urology, laparoscopic and laser surgery, mammography, and ultrasonography – everything you need to live a vibrant and healthy life!

A mother in a red dress helps her young daughter blow a dandelion in a grassy field Women's Health Care Group Teaneck

Women’s Health Care Group Teaneck

The providers at Women’s Health Care Group Teaneck have dedicated their careers to helping women stay healthy. They also became advocates for their own wellness. Check out their website for a list of their services, bios on their physicians, and more information on how to become a patient. 

Now that you found a team to guide your whole pregnancy journey, it’s time to find a photographer to capture it! I love helping mothers navigate New Jersey motherhood. So the blog links below provide more helpful tips and work from my portfolio. Reach out today to chat about your next session!

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