Bergen Doula for an Above and Beyond Birthing Team

Having a wonderful birth team is one of the best things you can do for yourself during your pregnancy. Not only will these experts be there to ensure everything is going swimmingly each trimester, but they’ll also provide emotional support as you get closer to your delivery date. If you’re working on building your squad, I’d love to tell you why I think you should look at Bergen Doula!

About Bergen Doula

Bergen Doula was started by Stephanie Sauer Pasternak. Stephanie was in med school when she became pregnant for the first time. She shifted her life so she could focus on becoming a mother. After her three kids grew older, she started to reconsider what she wanted to do next. She had been so passionate about her experiences as a mom that she decided to study to become a doula and lactation consultant. 

Stephanie knows what it’s like to navigate the world of pregnancy and early motherhood. She works to provide you with an education that will empower you as you prepare to deliver. She prioritizes building a trusting relationship so you can turn to her for questions at every point. With the Bergen Doula by your side, you’ll have the help you need for a positive birth experience! 


Stephanie has created a process so you can feel confident throughout every stage. You’ll start your services with a free consultation. At this point, you’ll review the services you need and ensure Stephanie is the right match for your family. Throughout pregnancy, you’ll have 1-2 visits. Throughout these visits, you’ll get an understanding of what the delivery process will look like. You’ll also review breathing techniques and relaxation methods to ensure you’ll be prepared for whenever labor starts. 

Stephanie offers unlimited communication throughout her time with your family, so you can call or text if you’re feeling overwhelmed. As you near your due date, Stephanie goes on call so she can be there once the contractions start. She’ll remain by your side until 1-2 hours following delivery. She’ll also be there for postpartum support by offering a visit during your first week after delivery. Bergen Doula has a backup doula, so you can ensure you’ll have your support team no matter what! 


Sometimes, breastfeeding just doesn’t come naturally. Stephanie is there to provide lactation consultation services to get you the answers you need. Whether you’re dealing with a low milk supply, painful nursing sessions, inadequate weight gain, or need help pumping, she’s there. She’ll watch a nursing session and troubleshoot your problems so you can have success. She’ll also give you a follow-up call to make sure any potential issues are resolved. 

Bergen Doula

A doula is one of the most helpful team members you can have for your delivery. If you’re looking for someone who will be there to lend unrivaled support, it’s time to check out Bergen Doula! 

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