Happily Family After for Postpartum Services & Sleep Coaching

While the newborn months are precious, they’re fairly stressful. Suddenly, you’re responsible for this little human who relies on you for their every need, and you’re taking care of it all with no sleep. People love joking around about how hard this stage is. Still, no one is willing to give you any real help outside of unhelpfully suggesting to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” If you’re amid this chaotic season, I would love to connect you with Happily Family After. This life-changing business was created so parents can actually have the help they need. 

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About Happily Family After

Happily Family After is a network started by Devon Clement. Devon is a sleeping guide, a baby sleep coach, and a postpartum doula. While she adores this stage, she knows how hard it can be for parents. That’s why she’s made it her mission to help parents with the difficult parts so they can actually enjoy the baby phase. 

Devon has built up an incredible team with this shared goal. The employees are highly trained, and Devon knows them personally to ensure they can take on your family! 

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Happily Family After is known for their postpartum doula services. When they come in, they provide judgment-free care so you can get the help you need. They’ll guide you through different philosophies without bias and provide advice if needed. They also provide fabulous hands-on help to make things a little more manageable. Whether you need overnight care to get some well-deserved rest or someone to run errands and tackle light housework, they have your back! The group also offers live-in care to get you through critical times so you can savor this parenthood stage.

The group provides sleep coaching to babies who might need a little bit of help. They offer both in-home and virtual packages to get your baby the rest they need. You can choose up to 5 days of unparalleled care to break out of the cycle of sleep deprivation. 

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If you need a nanny but aren’t quite sure where to look, Happily Family Ever has you covered! They’ll help you put out a listing for your family before searching through applicants. They’ll screen the candidates, provide interviews, and then present you with choices. When you find a candidate you love, the company will help you draft a contract and make an offer. You’ll have someone perfect for you without all the stress of the search! 

Happily Family After

Believe it or not, you can enjoy the baby phase, even if your baby doesn’t want to sleep. With Happily Family After, you’ll be paired with a team of experts who will get you through the hard parts so you can focus on the magic of the newborn months! 

If you’re looking for another way to enjoy the early months of parenthood, why not book some pictures? I am a New Jersey-based photographer who loves taking pictures that let you hang onto these gorgeous memories for years to come. If you’ve considered scheduling a photo session for your little one, I’d love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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