Night Nurse NJ Agencies to Care for Your Baby Through the Night!

When you have a newborn, everyone asks, “Is the baby a good sleeper?” It’s a very odd question when you really think about it. Your little one is doing their best to adjust to a bright and cold world. They weren’t meant to escape the womb and start sleeping eight hours a night, all within a month (though could you imagine if they were?!). Adjusting to your baby’s rockstar schedule is no easy task. How are you supposed to care for them and your own responsibilities without sleep? This is where night nurses come in. By hiring an expert to come in and take care of your baby while you sleep, you’ll be able to take on the world! If you’ve been looking for a night nurse in NJ, I’d love to tell you about my favorite agencies! 

3 Night Nurses in NJ to Help You Overcome Sleep Deprivation Through Helpful Services

Happy Family After

Happy Family After was started by Devon Clement to provide postpartum doula services to parents who really needed the help. At the agency, they call their night nurse services their “unicorn rides” because they know how magic a good night’s sleep is. 

The service is incredibly flexible and can be used for as long as you need. You can choose how many nights a week you use your night nurse. They provide custom live-in services and will work with you to create your own package. They also provide sleep coaches to help your little one learn to sleep independently.

A father sits cross legged in a bed with his newborn baby iin his arms with mother by his side night nurse nj

Let Mommy Sleep

Let Mommy Sleep was established in 2016 by a registered nurse. Your nurse will typically come in from 10 PM to 7 AM so you can get that wonderful shut-eye. During this time, a professional will feed, soothe, change, and care for your baby. They will not make you get up unless, of course, you’d like to. 

The organization is the only one in the country with a government award to teach prenatal care. They will pair you with a registered nurse during the postpartum time before moving you to a newborn care specialist. You can trust your baby will be in the very best care every minute of the night!

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Calm Baby RN

Calm Baby RN is a night nurse agency that hires both registered and non-registered nurses to handle sleepless nights. Your nurse will care for your baby as soon as you need it. They’ll handle everything from diaper changes to organizing the nursery so you can focus on snoozing. 

On top of providing care for your baby, they will be there to support you. They provide sleep consultations to answer questions and help you build healthy habits with your baby. You can also rely on them for newborn education and breastfeeding support. 

A newborn baby sleeps in mother's lap in a chair by the window night nurse nj

Night Nurse NJ

Just because you have a new baby doesn’t mean you have to be sleep-deprived. With any of these wonderful night nurses in NJ, you’ll have the help you need to get the rest you deserve!

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