Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine for Exemplary Pregnancy Care

Finding a great maternal medicine provider is no small task. The right caregiver will be there to discuss any questions and provide you with answers anytime you find yourself concerned. This is especially important during high-risk pregnancies when anxiety is running high. If you’ve been looking for a fantastic care provider who will be there throughout your pregnancy, I would love to tell you all about Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine. This center is here to provide high-quality, compassionate care to every family in New Jersey.  

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About Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine

Atlantic Health System started in 1996 following a merger with some of the best hospitals around New Jersey. The hospitals joined forces to break down barriers when it came to providing the community with exceptional healthcare. Within all of Atlantic Health System, there are 4,800 physicians, 17,000 team members, and over 400 sites to receive care. 

Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine was founded through the system and provides six different locations for every kind of pregnancy. Regardless of your concerns, you’ll have a center near you that will provide exceptional help from a dedicated team. 

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Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine specializes in providing care for high-risk pregnancies. Before pregnancy even begins, the center allows you to come in and have a consultation regarding any pre-existing conditions. Your doctor will sit with you and review your history so they thoroughly understand how to offer the best personalized care. They’ll also discuss any issues that might arise throughout pregnancy and address how they’ll handle these. 

The team is full of physicians who are experts at handling any unexpected concerns that could appear during pregnancy. From gestational diabetes to hypertension to fetal growth restriction, they’ll offer compassionate assistance. The center has locations that provide lab work, radiology, ultrasounds, genetic counseling, and more. 

While the physicians through Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine are known for their aid throughout high-risk pregnancies, they love working with every patient. Low-risk mamas will adore their attentive and informative appointments. You’ll know that you’ll have only the best by your side at every point of your pregnancy. 

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For patients who may have received a diagnosis for a birth defect or a condition that necessitates advanced multidisciplinary assistance, you can receive care at the Atlantic Maternal-Fetal Diagnostics and Treatment Center. You’ll receive extra consultations with the physicians so they can lay out a treatment plan for you and your baby. 

On top of the prenatal experts, you’ll have a consultation with the Goryeb Children’s Hospital neonatologists to discuss the course of care for your baby following delivery. You’ll also have access to Sam’s NICU at the Morristown Medical Center. 

Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine

Pregnancy is not always an easy journey, and it can be downright nerve-wracking when dealing with various conditions. Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine was created with every patient in mind. From handling high-risk pregnancies to managing regular prenatal well-visits, this practice has a physician who will be perfect for your course of care. 

As a motherhood photographer, I adore working with the families of New Jersey. Whether you want to hear about some of my recommendations for different experts around the state or need to schedule some gorgeous photos for once your little one arrives, I would love to connect. Contact me today to find out more, and click below to view more blog resources!

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