Precious Faces in 3D for High-Definition Ultrasound Imaging

Pregnancy is a time of wonder. For over nine months, you’re growing this magnificent little being, and you don’t know a single thing about them! What will they like? What will they dislike? And, what one of your habits will they find embarrassing in a few short years? Whose nose will they have? While there’s sadly no technology that can tell you all about your child’s personality, there are ways to find out a little more about their cute little faces! Ultrasound technology has advanced to get a realistic picture of our little ones before we can hold them in our arms. If you’ve found yourself wanting more than just a blurry picture from the OB, I would love to tell you all about Precious Faces In 3D, a revolutionary company that provides 3D ultrasounds of your growing baby. 

Newborn baby sleeps with fingers curled under mouth in a studio precious faces in 3D

About Precious Faces In 3D

Precious Faces started in 2011 as a way to give clients an unforgettable view of their babies. The clinic’s owner, Astred, worked for over twenty years providing ultrasounds for high-risk patients in OB offices. Astred saw how much comfort her patients received seeing images of their babies. 

For years, people told her she should open her own clinic solely offering these ultrasounds. Eventually, she did just that! All the sonographers at the clinic are registered with The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and know how to provide these services safely. 

Newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle in a studio


Precious Faces In 3D understands how hard waiting to meet your little one can be. And while traditional ultrasounds are amazing, they tend to be rushed and don’t allow you to get a great view. Precious Faces In 3D dedicates itself to providing appointments allowing you to see your baby. 

The office offers both 2D and 3D ultrasound packages. With these, you can choose a single visit that gives you 15 minutes to see your little one before receiving several pictures. You can also choose high-definition packages that give you 25 minutes during each session. During these, you’ll receive both black-and-white pictures and color images. 

Finally, you can choose a package with three different visits throughout your pregnancy. These visits are not meant for any diagnostic issues but are instead meant to give you the opportunity to get to know your little one.

Newborn baby with a grumpy face lays swaddled in white in a studio precious faces in 3D


Precious Faces in 3D offers you the opportunity to complete a gender blood test. These tests can typically be administered between weeks 9-10 of pregnancy, giving you an earlier answer than standard gender ultrasounds. Plus, these tests can be pretty dang accurate. You can get a completely correct answer 95% of the time. 

Precious Faces in 3D

Precious Faces in 3D gives you a unique chance to meet your baby long before your due date. If you’re tired of waiting, it’s time to book your appointment with this fantastic office. 

As a motherhood photographer, I love connecting with my clients and sharing content I know they need nearly as much as I love providing gorgeous pictures they’ll cherish forever. If you want to schedule a session once your baby makes their grand entrance, let’s chat! Contact me today to find out more. Don’t forget to read more motherhood blogs below!

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