Just Kidding Around Montclair for Authentic Toy Store Experience

The little treasures make our hometown great, and Just Kidding Around in Montclair is absolutely one of those treasures. From plush toys to dolls to action figures to slime to books, they have something for everyone on your shopping list (and even the kid that still lives inside you!) So close that shopping app on your phone and go check out this fantastic local business that has been serving our community for years and helping our kids grow, learn, and play – you’ll see for yourself why it’s one of Montclair’s true treasures! 

About Just Kidding Around In Montclair

Just Kidding Around is an independent toy store with the goal of engaging children in unique ways. Owners Nissa and Chelsea worked at the toy store together in the mid-2000s and bonded over their love for the store and its community. Eventually, the opportunity arose for them to take ownership, and together they jumped head-first into the adventure that is owning and running a beloved toy boutique. 

The store carries a wide variety of toys, games, books, and treats for friends and family of all ages, and each product is hand-picked to be a superb choice to bring home to the little ones in your life. While you can shop most of their inventory online, nothing beats an in-person shopping trip to a specialty toy store. So be sure to drop in at your earliest convenience! 

A dad in a tan sweater holds up his toddler son in front of him while playing in a grassy field


Whatever toy you can dream of, Just Kidding Around likely has it! And if it’s not in stock, they can recommend something your kiddo will love just as much. For snugglers, they carry plenty of plush characters with plenty of personality and room to grow into whatever kind of character their kid decides! 

Art supplies and craft kits will delight and inspire any budding artist. Creative town planners can turn building blocks and toy cars into extravagant towns and cityscapes. From legos to dinosaurs, musical instruments to trains, puzzles to puppets, there is something for every kid at Just Kidding Around. Their fun, knowledgeable staff will help your kid find the perfect toy to keep them engaged, entertained, and, best of all, acting like a kid

A mother in a red dress plays with dandelions in a grassy field with her daughter just kidding around montclair


Nissa and Chelsea’s love for their Montclair community shines brightly in many ways, namely the love and care they put into this beautiful store. They also strongly advocate for equality, justice, and rights for everyone in the community. Their mission for inclusivity is evident in the products they carry, the brands they represent, and the organizations they support. 

At Just Kidding Around, everyone is welcome and valued. With an environment that emphasizes kindness and inclusivity, it is truly a store where all children and families can feel safe to play, learn, and be who they really are. 

Mom and dad play in a grassy field at sunset with their toddler son in green pants and white long sleeve shirt just kidding around montclair

Just Kidding Around Montclair

A store like Just Kidding Around in Montclair is more than just a toy store – it’s an experience! Shopping there will delight not only the kids but also the grown-ups in your life. Plus, you get to shop knowing that you’re supporting an important local business that invests just as much time and energy into our community as they do into their store. Make sure to stop by soon! 

Play time is important for little ones. So is capturing their precious moments in timeless art! I love helping Montclair families navigate motherhood and capturing their special moments to cherish forever. So check out the blog links below for more of my work and other helpful New Jersey motherhood tips. Then let’s chat about your next session!

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