Purple Bow Teaneck for a Wonderland of Children’s Products!

Walking into The Purple Bow in Teaneck, NJ, is a little like walking into a wonderland. There are so many unique, bright, and colorful things you won’t even know where to look first! It’s the perfect store to shop for a gift, camp supplies, or even a new game that the whole family will love playing together. If you haven’t been, keep reading to find out why you should definitely stop in on your next trip to Teaneck! 

About The Purple Bow in Teaneck

The Purple Bow was originally opened to give kids the experience of walking down a main street and popping into a neighborhood store made just for them, with plenty of toys, gifts, school supplies, and other novelty items. From the moment you step in the door, you’ll have no doubt you’re in a place all about having fun, and there’s nothing better than that! Every product they carry is selected for quality and enjoyment, and even if you end up leaving empty-handed, you’ll at least walk out with a smile. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a swaddle on a white bed in front of a window


While it’s definitely a specialty store for kids, The Purple Bow has something for everyone of all ages. They sell sweet baby gear and layettes for their littlest customers, as well as soft blankets, teethers, and stylish diaper bags. 

Athletic kids will love all of their sports gear, including equipment and gear, as well as team-affiliated merch like water bottles, bedding, and school supplies. Maybe you’ll even discover a new sport, like Junk Ball!

Creators and artists will love their selection of craft supplies and project kits that involve mediums like beads, finger paints, slime, and clay. Play with kid-friendly science experiments, create a masterpiece with a paint-by-numbers set, or brush up your tie-dye skills. Whatever you want to create, The Purple Bow has the supplies you need. 

They are also known for their selection of bags and luggage that are suited for every occasion. They have smaller toiletry and cosmetic bags, cute and trendy purses, lunchboxes, and weekender bags. Plus, almost everything can be customized for an extra special touch (so you’ll never confuse it with anyone else’s!) 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white swaddle with one foot sticking out the top purple bow teaneck


For some families, summer camp is a way of life! The Purple Bow is definitely a store that understands the camp lifestyle, and they carry lots of great products for any camp adventure. Make a rustic cabin feel more like a home away from home with fun blankets, light switch covers, pillows, and floor mats. And, of course, they also carry all of the necessities, like Showaflops, toiletry bags, shower caddies, laundry bags, and more. Keep in touch all summer long with fun, colorful stationery they’ll actually want to use. And be sure to check out all of their games, craft supplies, and other activities! Many are perfect for passing time with friends away from screens. Really, they have almost everything you’ll need for another memorable summer at camp! 

Purple Bow Teaneck

A visit to The Purple Bow in Teaneck isn’t just a shopping trip – it’s an experience! Whether you’re accompanied by a kid or just shopping for solo, it’s easy to find something everyone will love! Visit this charming, playful store today! 

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