Hopscotch Maplewood for Unique Children’s Apparel & Gift Sets

Children’s boutiques are a one-stop shop for parents to find a variety of high-quality specialty items and apparel for kids of all ages. Hopscotch in Maplewood, New Jersey, is the perfect place to shop for children’s clothing, accessories, swimwear, holiday wear, and gifts for all occasions. There is something for everyone at this quaint boutique store run by a lovely and attentive staff.

Young boy plays with a wooden puzzle toy in a white henley shirt

About Hopscotch in Maplewood, New Jersey

174 Maplewood Ave

Maplewood, New Jersey 07040

Hopscotch resides in the quaint village of Maplewood in New Jersey. This successful clothing boutique is conveniently located in this creative town, not far from New York City. The warm, welcoming store is a great place to shop for a wide range of products, from unique gifts to children’s apparel. 

The store is filled to the brim with a variety of products, from clothing to knick-knacks, that are suitable for babies, children, and teens. There’s something for the entire family! Furthermore, the store has been operating for over 28 years, specializing in unique gifts for children. 

The store also offers phone or online ordering, with free local delivery. 

Toddler boy in khaki pants sits on a wooden chair holding his toes Hopscotch maplewood


Hopscotch is a warm, welcoming store filled with a wide variety of unique gifts and children’s apparel. The store carries clothing from newborn through children, as well as a variety of trinkets and toys suitable for babies all the way up to teens. This is also a great store to shop for your own children or to find a memorable, unique gift for special occasions. 

Firstly, apparel includes:

  • t-shirts,
  • rain jackets,
  • vests,
  • jeans,
  • dress shirts,
  • jackets,
  • two-piece sets,
  • sweaters,
  • dresses, and
  • coverups.

Secondly, baby items include:

  • blankets, swaddles,
  • mobiles,
  • hats,
  • sleep gowns,
  • plush toys, rattles,
  • divided plates, and
  • teething toys. 

Lastly, Hopscotch carries a variety of quality toys and accessories for kids, including dolls, stuffed animals, teething toys, books, puzzles, games, magnet sets, coloring books, plates, and hair accessories. 

Young boy peeks through the back of a wooden chair Hopscotch maplewood


The store also carries a variety of swimwear options for babies and kids. Swimsuits, goggles, rash guards, wearable towels, and hats are available in a number of patterns and styles. 

Hopscotch specializes in personalized gifts, including monogramming. The store can monogram items, including sweaters, bubble rompers, hooded towels, jackets, blankets, pillows, bibs, cases, clutch purses, overalls, and Easter baskets. 

The store has a number of gift bundles that are perfect for special occasions, including:

  • stuffed animal and blanket sets,
  • hat and gown sets,
  • security blanket and rattle sets,
  • rompers,
  • blankie sets, and
  • stuffed animal and book sets.

There is something for kids of all ages! 

Hopscotch Maplewood

Children’s boutiques offer specialty brands all in one convenient place for parents to shop at. From holiday pajamas to swimwear to gifts for special occasions, Hopscotch in Maplewood has something for everyone, from babies to teens! With many options for personalized items and a variety of gift bundles, this is the perfect place for parents and families to shop for unique, memorable gifts. Stop in today to meet the incredible team ready to give you a pleasurable shopping experience. 

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