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Building a birth plan seems so easy in theory. The issue is that sometimes life gets in the way of your good intentions and throws a wrench in your plans. This is one of the many things that makes doulas invaluable. A doula has professional birth experience and has been through countless different scenarios. They’ll help you draft your birth plan and talk you through every situation to make sure you feel equipped for every scenario. At Mindful Birth, the doulas are able to provide emotional support and ensure you’re prepared for your labor. If you’ve been trying to find a New Jersey doula, I would love to tell you more about them! 

About Mindful Birth

Mindful Doulas center for birth professionals became a reality because of Jen Watt and Amanda Roosa. The two women had their own unique birth experiences and saw first-hand how important it was to have support throughout labor. The women wanted to create a space where they could empower others by assisting them throughout pregnancy and providing them with an education that would propel them through their delivery. Amanda and Jen do this by offering doula services as well as a variety of group courses. Their goal is to help mothers find their inner voice to assist with every aspect of having a baby. 

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Mindful Birth specializes in providing doula services for each step of pregnancy. Using a doula has been found to decrease c-section rates, improve birth experiences, and make you less likely to need anesthesia. Simply put, doulas give you the power to see your birth plan all the way through. Mindful Birth offers a variety of packages that will provide you with invaluable consultations as well as informative classes catered to your needs. Before you agree to become a client, Mindful Birth offers a 20-minute discovery call where you can talk one-on-one with the center to learn more about their services. 

One of the center’s favorite methods for aiding labor is hypnobirthing. This method uses the power of water to provide a natural form of pain relief as well as to help your muscles do what they were made to do. Mindful Birth offers classes on the topic and will make sure you feel prepared to use this method before your labor begins.

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The center offers classes and workshops that provide a thorough education on a variety of topics. These classes will teach you about hypnobirthing, discuss prenatal nutrition, and walk you through what to expect in childbirth. They also provide classes for once your baby is born. Whether you want to learn more about breastfeeding or need a course on infant sleep, Mindful Birth has you covered! The packages available through the center give you the opportunity to take these classes in group settings, semi-private settings, or completely private settings. Regardless of your decision, you’ll love working with experts to receive crucial information. 

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Mindful Birth

Mindful Birth is a center devoted to making you feel empowered throughout all pregnancy and delivery. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the process of planning your birth, it’s time to give them a call! 

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