Toy Division Maplewood to Encourage a Child’s Imagination!

I love a good toy store. Whether I’m looking for must-haves for my own kiddos or trying to find an unforgettable toy that won’t get lost in the gift pile at a birthday party, a local toy store guarantees I’m supporting a community business while getting some pretty great products. And while New Jersey has a lot of fabulous options, one of my absolute favorites is Toy Division Maplewood. With a passionate staff and a huge variety of products, it has everything you could ever want. 

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About Toy Division Maplewood

Toy Division was started in June of 2017 by husband and wife duo Indira Villalobos-Starr and Silas Starr. Both individuals had a unique eye for design. Before opening the store, Indira made beautiful cashmere dolls under her brand Snuggly-Ugly while Silas worked as an art director at a cable television network. The shop has worked to maintain a heavily curated collection. They only sell brands they trust and make a special point to avoid electronic toys. The wonderful Maplewood shop is staffed by a small team who adores helping families find the perfect toys. The family-run business believes in prioritizing brick-and-mortar retail shops and has created a space where your family will want to come again and again. 

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In an era when children’s toys tend to be overly bright and exceptionally loud, Toy Division celebrates items that encourage kids to use their imagination. Dolls and figures allow your children to create their own world complete with dollhouses they can fill with stylish furniture and fully-stocked wardrobes. Their Maileg Mouse toys include tricycles, beach gear, and adorable castles while their Goose Grease wooden toys celebrate historical figures and allow your child to build a family that looks like their own. Magnetic building toys provide hours of entertainment while their play and pretend section lets your kiddo act out their grandest adventures. The Toy Division website gives you the ability to sort by age, taking the guesswork out of gift purchases.

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Toy Division has a ton of items that allow your child to grow their minds. Their instruments make music more accessible to them while their books talk all about historical figures and crucial moments from the past. They also have kits that allow your child to mix ingredients and make items like soap, bubble gum, or root beer.With their educational products, your child will fall in love with learning! 

The boutique is incredible at supporting the community with fun events. During Christmas, they bring in a Santa for family pictures, and during Women’s History Month, they participate in Windows for Women where they highlight the work of different Maplewood women business owners. They also are there for regular Maker’s Fairs on Baker’s Street to showcase different Maplewood businesses. 

Toy Division Maplewood

If you like unique toy stores with creative products, you’ll love Toy Division Maplewood! With engaging products from amazing companies, you’ll want to come back again and again! 

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