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Pregnancy can feel like such a long journey. From the moment you get your first positive test result to the moment you hold your baby in your arms, there is so much to learn and many decisions to make! But the REAL adventure starts as soon as your baby arrives. No one expects you to know everything about parenting immediately, but the pressure to have all the answers can feel overwhelming. That’s where organizations like Postpartum Place in Chatham, New Jersey, are extraordinarily valuable. They provide comfort, education, and community to new mothers who need additional support navigating the challenges and celebrations of new parenthood. Read more about them below! 

About Postpartum Place Chatham

Postpartum Place owner Maria Parlapiano is an RN who founded the organization in 1996 to offer a holistic and mindful approach to breastfeeding and parenting, offering parents support, connection, and friendship through classes, workshops, and consultations. She had the idea to start Postpartum Place after early discharges from labor and delivery hospital units were sending new mothers home with little postpartum support. 

Now, over 25 years later, they have created a nurturing, judgment-free environment that empowers parents to learn from one another, share their vulnerability, and celebrate the progress and successes of parenting a new baby. 

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One of the biggest challenges that new mamas face is successful breastfeeding. In addition to being a nurse, Maria Parlapiano is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with decades of experience with bodywork for babies to help them comfortably learn to latch and feed. She and the organization’s other lactation consultants teach moms how to achieve the best latch possible, recognize early feeding cues, and relax, so both mom and baby can have an enjoyable and positive breastfeeding experience.

In addition to lactation consulting, Postpartum Place offers mindful parenting groups where new moms can learn about themselves, share experiences, challenges, and joys of motherhood, and grow as individuals and parents. Their Mother’s Club has been ongoing for over 30 years as a beloved group where moms and babies can socialize! 

And for those new moms who are having a hard time adjusting to parenthood, their Exploring PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders) group provides information and support from a therapist specializing in emotional care for new moms. 

Their fabulous classes also include Starting Solid Foods, Weaning, Babywearing, Tummy Time, and more! 

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If all of these incredible opportunities sound beneficial to you, join their Postpartum Place monthly membership! That way, you’ll always have access to their classes, workshops, and gatherings. 

With a monthly membership, you’ll always have the support of the Postpartum Place Team. It includes 4 Mindful Parenting Groups, two classes, free weight checks for baby, and 24/7 phone support for your questions and concerns. It’s a great way to be present in the community and save a little money. 

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Postpartum Place Chatham

Postpartum Place in Chatham is a fantastic resource for new moms in our community, whether it’s your fourth or fifth baby. Check them out to see for yourself why they are the best of the best when it comes to postpartum support! 

Now that you found a support system for your journey, it’s time to find a photographer to capture it! I love helping Chatham families create timeless memories and capturing them to cherish forever. So check out more of my work and other helpful motherhood tips in the blog links below! Then reach out today to chat about your next session!

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