Prenatal Yoga Bergen County to Help You Through Pregnancy

One of the best things you can do throughout pregnancy is remain active, but we all know that’s easier said than done. Look. It’s only natural to want to binge true crime documentaries on Netflix when your feet are so swollen no shoes can contain them. This is why yoga is one of the best exercises out there. Not only can you get in a solid workout, but many classes are designed to help you relax and reconnect with yourself. Plus, prenatal yoga was created to target overworked muscles so you can find relief from common pregnancy symptoms. If you’re in the mood for a great stretch, here are some of the best spots for prenatal yoga in Bergen County

3 Spots for Prenatal Yoga in Bergen County to Safely Practice Your Flows

A mother to be sits with legs crossed holding her bump in a white maternity dress prenatal yoga bergen county

Bamboo Moves Englewood

Bamboo Moves in Englewood is a yoga studio devoted to making yoga accessible to everyone. The studio seeks to honor ancient yogic principles by connecting your entire body to the practice. At Bamboo Moves, you can find yoga classes for every level and courses designed specifically for pregnancy. 

These classes build up abdominal strength for delivery while helping you focus on your breathing. The studio offers postpartum yoga and amazing massages to help you unwind. The teachers invite you to practice through every stage of pregnancy so you can feel fully prepared to deliver.

A mom to be looks down her bump while sitting with legs crossed in a studio prenatal yoga bergen county

Whole Mother Village

Whole Mother Village is a collective group of professionals here to help you through every part of parenthood. The group has both in-person and virtual resources, including childbirth classes, birth doulas, and prenatal yoga. The center has live sessions on Zoom so that you can join the community from the comfort of your own home. 

You’ll follow along as an expert teacher guides you through every move and ensures you have a safe and restorative practice. Their class packages include a consultation so you can ask questions and get fantastic advice.

A woman lays across the floor in a studio wearing a white off-the-shoulder maternity dress

Ho-Ho-Kus Yoga

Ho-Ho-Kus Yoga believes that yoga should be for everybody. They have spent time creating an atmosphere that will make every person feel welcome. You’ll be able to build a community while learning at your own pace. The studio offers both virtual and in-person prenatal yoga sessions. Through these specialty classes, you’ll be led through beneficial poses to build strength and flexibility. 

You’ll also strengthen your pelvic floor and work through poses that will position your baby for labor. The best thing about Ho-Ho-Kus is how it caters to every stage of life. You’ll fall in love during pregnancy, and within a few years, your little one will enjoy their Yoga for Kids classes.

Prenatal Yoga Bergen County

If you’ve been looking for a terrific way to stay active throughout pregnancy, you should try out some prenatal yoga! With any of these incredible studios for prenatal yoga in Bergen County, you’ll have an exercise designed to help you take on the stress of growing a baby!

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